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OSVP Server: Open Source Virtual Places Server

Virtual Places is a graphically oriented chat system. With Virtual Places you can use avatars (graphical representation of the chatter), gestures (multimedia), send files, send instant messages, chat on top of a web page, take a tour, and even play games! The server is the key element in this wonderful experience, but unfortunately the original creator (Ubique/Lotus) has stopped offering licenses to people, and the license was a hefty cost for those who still have one. That's where OSVP server comes in: we developed an almost fully functional open source Virtual Places server and have given it away for FREE!

OSVP Server is a server for connecting the clients together, and is not a client itself. If you are looking for a client, see the list below.

April 14, 2003
It is a sad day for the OSVP Server project. Despite receiving several emails from people offering to help, I have decided to end this project. I know that this project was much anticipated by many people, and our developers did great things, but recently I have seen the Virtual Places community all but disappear. The only major Virtual Places supporters left are Halsoft, the ones who commercialized this awesome platform. Though I am not fond of the way they manage things, I wish them good luck in their efforts to keep Virtual Places alive.

My reasons for ending the project are numerous. Primarily it is because I no longer have a vision for this project, as well as the fact that Virtual Places is a dying breed. There are too many new chat systems out there for me to try and keep the past on life support. In the age of the Internet we must be willing to embrace change and let old technology pass away. However, let us not forget the great things that have been done over the years by our predecessors.

I want to thank everyone who supported this project. Though you are too numerous to name, your efforts will not be forgotten. I also want to thank Source Forge for hosting this site, and for providing a wonderful software distribution system. You are all awesome!

And now, it is with this parting act that I bid you farewell. I have moved on to greater things. I know that there will be a small Virtual Places community for a while to come, but never again will there be the support that Virtual Places once had, back in the days of Excite Chat.

In anticipation of things to come,

Virtual Places Server

Final release is 1.0.9-BETA (released August 21, 2002). OSVP Server has been tested on the following platforms:
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • OSVP Server project summary page
  • OSVP Server Source Code and Binary download page

    Virtual Places Clients

    The following clients do not have source code available, but may be of some use. This is the entire collection of all of the known Virtual Places clients.
    Update: Some builds are no longer available, and many new builds have been created by Halsoft, based on the same codebase as these builds.

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